Target Has Classes for Children of All Ages and
Needs From the Early Years Through High
The most important element of teaching English to your child is to make it
fun.  Providing an environment so that children will develop a real interest in
English is very important.  Without the child’s personal DESIRE, it is nearly
impossible to learn English.  Coming to English class once a week is not
enough.  Therefore, it is essential for your child to want to do some English
studies everyday because they enjoy doing it.

Second, without the constant exposure to the language, it is unrealistic to
think your child will learn to speak English immediately.  In fact, it will take
years of continuous DEDICATION.  Learning to speak English is a long-term
commitment.  A child’s brain is a wonderful thing; it can absorb language
quickly like a sponge.  Unfortunately, the child’s brain will not retain the
language without continuous reinforcement.  If your child stops their studies,
they will forget almost everything they have learned in less than a year’s
time.  You will have wasted the time and resources you have invested
teaching your child English.  

The sounds required to speak English are different than in Japanese.  It is
easy for children to learn to produce the sounds necessary for correct
pronunciation when they are young.  In the first stage, it is important to
emphasis correct PRONUNCIATION.  This must be done at home in
addition to the class.  No Katakana English.

Creating a useful VOCABULARY base is also very important.  Without
vocabulary, language is not possible.  In the beginning, we want to give your
child a large mixture of high frequency vocabulary words.  This will form a
good foundation they can build on in later years.

READING AND WRITING are essential elements in any second language.  
Building these skills will give your child the ability to study independently.  
As your child perfects reading and writing, their oral communication skills
will also improve.

We also want to give your child the basic grasp of English GRAMMAR.  We
want to teach them how English works so they can begin to understand and
think in English.  Later, when they reach Jr. High and High School age, they
will have the necessary building blocks to comprehend and begin actively
use the ENGLISH language.
Course Outlines:

Children’s Classes

  • Elementary School Level Courses start at 4 years and continues to 12 years of age.  Initial levels emphasize learning
    proper pronunciation and basic communication skills.  Later levels introduce reading, writing and listening skills.

  • These classes are designed for elementary school age children. They start with Level One A and progress through six
    Levels. Students that finish Level Four are ready to move on to Jr. High Class. Pre-school Classes are also available for
    younger children: 3-5 years old.

Jr. High and High School Courses

  • These are intense classes for Jr. High and High School students that have a true desire to learn and speak English.

  • Jr. High Level Courses are divided into two categories; The Advanced Level Course is for those students that have
    successfully completed Target English Center Elementary School Level Courses.  Emphasis is on vocabulary building,
    listening and expanding communication skills.  An Entry Level Course is offered for those students that have not studied
    English in elementary school or have only some basic English Conversation skills.

  •    High School Course is designed for those students that are truly interested in speaking English.  This course is
    intensive and demanding and requires a high level of dedication and hard work.

Returnee Kids

  •    Returnee Program is for children of all ages that have lived overseas and can speak English as a second language.  
    These classes give children an opportunity to come together and use there English.   It's fun and educational.
Target's Original Materials for Kids

Student practice Self-Speeches in every lesson
Target's  “Self-Speech Card” is used in all Elementary School Level classes.  The "Self-
Speech Card" was designed to help students develop the skills necessary to speak in
English. By learning to talk about themselves and other people, students can naturally develop
an understanding of the language and use of basic grammar
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