With the development of air travel, telecommunications, satellite and now the Internet, the world is
not as large as it once was. As we become a more mobile society, the need for a common language
to communicate easily with people from other countries and cultures is essential. To be successful
and survive in this rapidly changing world, people of all nationalities must be able to understand
and interact with one another. English is quickly becoming the common thread that is linking people
throughout the world.

Target is here to help you realize your goal to communicate with others in English. Our
well-designed programs will develop your comprehension by building your vocabulary and listening
proficiency, place you into practical situations so you can build up your interactive skills and drills
to help you master correct pronunciation. In addition, we will provide you with essential grammar
used in everyday life and show you techniques that can be used outside of the classroom to
improve your English. Your aim is English and with us you will hit the
What is Target English Center?

Target English Center is Your
Best Source of English!
We aim to provide quality education second to none. Our organization has all the benefits of a
traditional style English school but without any of the inconveniences.  We come to you!  And we make
learning English fun and easy.  Target's comprehensive lesson plans ensure quick and steady
progress for all our members.

We provide a wide variety of Course options to Develop English Skills:

Our Children's Program includes Elementary School Level Courses, age 4 to 12.  Jr. High Level
Courses which are divided into two categories; An Entry Level Course and an Advanced Level
Course, an intensive High School Course and a  Returnee Program for children that have lived
overseas and can speak English.

We provide
Preschool Classes which are designed to be fun and nurture a genuine interest in
English.  Special curriculum for children attending
nursery school or kindergarten, 8 - 20 students per
class are available.

Adult Courses are divided into three basic levels; an Elementary Level Course, an Intermediate Level
Course and Advanced Level Course.

Business Courses that are tailored to the needs of each company (TOEIC and TOEFL)
Overview: Courses Available
Our goal is to giving non-native speakers greater access to English
resources and to provide them with the tools they need to better
understand and communicate in English
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