Key Benefits

  • Children have fun and develop a genuine interest in English.
  • Development of the children's pronunciation skills at a young age allowing them to speak more
    fluently when they are older.

  • Children begin building a foundation in English.   With a fundamental understanding of English
    grammar, children will be     able  to more easily progress in their English studies through
    Elementary School to High School and beyond.

  • Early exposure to English helps to reduce fear of  foreigners and introduces the children to other
    cultures and customs.

We have both a 1st year & 2nd year programs available:

  • The Initial Level Course:

  • The Initial Level Course (Level One A) is for children 4 - 5 years of age

  • Each week different topics are introduced. In addition, essential points of the language are

  • The Second year Level Course:

  • The Second year Level Course (Level One B) is for children 5 - 6 years of age

  • This is a continuation of the initial course and expands on what they

Material / curriculum presentation and trial lessons are available:

  • The Target Teaching System

  • Classes are provided in 12 week cycles

  • Each cycle can be scheduled over a 4 month period giving you scheduling flexibility

  • Each class is 40 minutes of fast paced fun and excitement to enhance the learning

  • Only native speakers with experience teaching small children
Nursery School and Kindergarten Classes

Target has Introductory Level Courses to English for large
groups of children attending nursery school or
kindergarten.  They are designed to be fun and nurture a
genuine interest in the English language.  Our curriculum
was developed for large groups of children, 8 - 24 students
per class.
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