Adult Courses

  • Elementary Level Course with an emphasis on basic conversation skills and travel.

  • Intermediate Level Course with an emphasis on Movies, Entertainment and discussion skills.

  • Advanced Level Course with and emphasis on expressing personal views on a variety of topics.  Advanced level vocabulary required to better
    understand articles in newspapers, magazines and news programs on TV, i.e. CNN, BBC or FOX News Channel.

Business Courses

  • Business Courses are tailored to the needs of each company.  In addition to basic, intermediate and advanced business conversation skills, we
    teach industry specific terminology and vocabulary.  i.e.automotive  or military terminology, medical terms etc.

Children Courses

  • Elementary School Level Courses start at 4 years and continues to 12 years of age.  Initial levels emphasize learning proper pronunciation and
    basic communication skills.  Later levels introduce reading, writing and listening skills.

  • Jr. High Level Courses are divided into two categories; The Advanced Level Course is for those students that have successfully completed
    Target English Center Elementary School Level Courses.  Emphasis is on vocabulary building, listening and expanding communication skills.  An
    Entry Level Course is offered for those students that have not studied English in elementary school or have only some basic English
    Conversation skills.  

  • High School Course is designed for those students that are truly interested in speaking English.  This course is intensive and demanding and
    requires a high level of dedication and hard work.

  • Returnee Program is for children of all ages that have lived overseas and can speak English as a second language.  These classes give children
    an opportunity to come together and use there English.   It's fun and educational.

Preschool Courses

  • Introductory Level Courses for large groups of children attending nursery school or kindergarten:

  1.  Initial Level Course for children 4 - 5 years of age.
  2.  Second year Level Course for children 5-6 years of age.
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